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Friday, February 06, 2009

Computer problems at the ranch- SD cards need to be formatted?

Kenny just had to take his computer in to the shop for an expert’s touch to remove all the bugs that had infiltrated his system and although I’m not having bug problems, my beloved HP Compaq laptop has been causing me to curse a little bit over the past couple days.


It all started with the receipt of a belated Christmas gift from son Noah, a Kodak digital picture frame. Of course I had to go out and purchase a memory card for this new digital toy and when the BSU and I were in Wal-Mart the other night, I bought a 2gig SD card to fill up with pictures. First I spent an hour installing and updating the always annoying Kodak photo sharing and manipulating software which always gripes me with the overabundance of cutesie options that somebody must really want because every package comes with it. I don’t want it, so I installed as little of the package as was possible. Next I went through the software and selected a grundle of pictures to install on the memory card destined for the picture frame.


Once I had the pictures selected, I tried to copy them to my new memory card- no go. The Kodak software didn’t see any removable memory cards available. Hmm. I looked on the MS File Explorer and it said I had a card installed. I tried to drag some pictures directly to the card- no go. Looking at the properties of the card revealed only 896 megabytes listed as the card’s size, not the 2 gigabytes that I was supposed to have. Hmm. Then a window popped up and said my memory card needed to be formatted but the MS formatter didn’t work. Instead, it failed and afterwards, Explorer no longer recognized the card when I installed or removed it… Dammitall! By now I was certain that the stoopid card was defective and it was bedtime and I was tired and cranky, so I went to bed frustrated, cranky and cursing cheap electronics.


This morning I discovered that the problem lies in the laptop, not the memory card. It seems I need to install new drivers for my card reader as the current drivers don’t recognize any cards over 1 gigabyte! It also appears that there are specific formatting programs available for formatting SD memory cards which I may, or may not need. What a pain! Anyway, sometime this weekend, I will have to use these links:

to update my computer and get my laptop talking to my memory card so that I can get my digital picture frame running.


After that, I have to do some real work fixing my registry to correct an error I made last week that prevents my Bit Defender anti-virus software from updating as it should. It seems I told the installed Spy-Bot software to block the updater from connecting to the internet. Removing Spy-Bot didn’t fix the problem and the automatic remover executable file doesn’t run correctly either. So it appears that I have to delete lines out of my registry manually which should give me lots of chances to screw up. I can hardly wait…

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